Original Artwork

I’ve always been drawing, and learning art techniques. Years of experience in production have streamlined my ability to develop a concept from ether to media.

The frame is a portal, to bring your eyes and then your mind into another world, of comedy, adventure, or branded experience.

"Brazilian Space Program" by Charney Kaye “Brazilian Space Program” digital painting

"Formidable Journey" by Charney Kaye “Formidable Journey” illustration

"Jack of Souls" by Charney Kaye “Jack of Souls” character design

"Euphonium Man" tattoo design by Charney Kaye “Euphonium Man” tattoo design

"Push Connect Click" t-shirt design by Charney Kaye “Push Connect Click” screen print

"Spy Pigeon: Ready for Takeoff" screen print by Charney Kaye “Spy Pigeon: Ready for Takeoff” screen print

"Long Pigs" by Charney Kaye “Long Pigs” screen print for pool team t-shirt

"Esperanza" by Charney Kaye “Esperanza” screen print

"Louis XIV: Air Traffic Control" art and animation by Charney Kaye “Louis XIV: Air Traffic Control” art and animation

"Peep: Manipulative Language" by Charney Kaye “Peep: Manipulative Language” illustration

"Moses Delivers the Apple Watch" by Charney Kaye “Moses Delivers the Apple Watch” parody