Charney Kaye

“The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved.”

I founded XJ music to enable composers to realize new possibilities in background music for video games, live streams, and environments.

I’m a lifelong artist, musician, and hacker, the beneficial type, empathetically building technology to solve problems, connecting software with media.

Media is a portal to comedy, adventure, enlightenment, or propaganda, transmitting an entire ideology or compelling the audience to take action; media quality impacts us as technology integrates with each new surface of our lives.

At once, I’m obsessed with detail yet broad and tenacious about capturing value, seeking always to understand software and media in the context of our society, focusing efforts where our impact is most significant.

Professionally, I’ve built an arsenal of skills ranging from typography to Java and honed my design thinking over hundreds of projects. I’m both a seasoned veteran and a contemporary student of human-machine interaction, from R&D to implementation.

Here’s my resume.