Charney Kaye

“The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved.”

I’m a lifelong hacker, musician, and artist, passionately making connections between the seemingly disparate.

My hacker attitude prioritizes freedom and the power of independent thought to protect the freedoms of our society. Media is a portal, to bring the eyes and ears, then mind into another world, of comedy, adventure, enlightenment, or propaganda.

Interactive media balances my obsession with technical detail and social context to communicate big ideas and invigorate the mundane. Games have the power to evoke an even more complex spirit, at once transmitting an entire ideology, and compelling the audience to take action.

I’m both a seasoned veteran and a contemporary student of UX/UI, iterating on frictionless adoption and intuitive product discovery. Professionally, I’ve built an arsenal of skills and honed my design thinking over hundreds of projects.

Yet, what I’m most excited about is this instrument for collaborative ambient music production that I invented, transforming ambient audio in shared spaces.

Here’s my resume.