Identity Resolution Platform

My early career was starved for opportunities to grow as a software development team member. Freelancing, I worked mostly in isolation within agencies, which improved over participation in a dozen start-ups. Yet, it’s full-time at Signal that I earned my spurs.

Equipping brands with always-on customer identity resolution that can be used across the enterprise to drive better business outcomes.

The Challenge

When implementing identity-based strategies, a brand’s data onboarding proficiencies will make the difference between delighting customers with experiences they want—or annoying them with irrelevant, overplayed messages they want to ignore.

As we now know, marketing is no longer just about winning conversions; it’s about maintaining conversations. And the only way to do so is by being able to continually recognize and relate to customers with contextually relevant experiences throughout buyer journeys. This is why resolving customer identity has become a marketing imperative and why, as the foundational first step, data onboarding is pivotal to a brand’s success.

Data Onboarding

The technical process of uploading offline customer data to the online environment to match with digital identifiers – made its ad-tech debut years ago. But with today’s increasing focus on identity-driven marketing, this critical capability is once again in the spotlight.

Signal’s platform extends beyond onboarding, equipping brands with an always-on customer data asset ready for onsite identity resolution, real-time media activation, closed-loop analytics and up-to-the-minute insights that can used across the enterprise to drive better business outcomes.

Working with the Best

It was a privilege to challenge myself alongside computer scientists with backgrounds in the military, Amazon, and Google— working on an R&D team within the company that continually led giant steps in enhancing daily processes that exceeded a trillion worldwide transactions per day.

Right On Target

with 20+ years of professional wisdom, discipline, and tenacity.


Shared knowledge yields a common language for communication about the project, informs design decisions, and defines what “success” means.


Collaborate with stakeholders to understand context, map historical losses and victories, minimize risk, and identify opportunities.


Towards the solution of clearly defined problems we form schemes intended to be expressed as media, software, and/or business process.


Development experience spans numerous paradigms, dozens of computer languages, and hundreds of frameworks.


Conceive, prototype, build, test, and analyze refinements in any product or process. Test data drives focused effort with optimal impact.


Agile methodology provides a foundation to scope and deliver concise, manageable projects one after another, with measurable success.

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I’m interested in business process, and keen to innovate.

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Charney Kaye

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Let’s talk.

I’m interested in business process, and keen to innovate.

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Charney Kaye